Tuesday, 7 November 2017

questions answered for shaw


•             Excellent Maya skillset
-              I've used Maya since its creation and taught the software for 4 years.

•            Excellent technical problem solving capabilities
-              I'm ready to meet the technical challenges that present themselves using the resources at my disposal , but I always maintain a kiss(keep it simple stupid) mindset.

•             Design/create complex animated VFX scenes
-              I have good artistic sensibilities along with the general software knowledge on how to technically approach a scene.

•             Excellent skillset with simulation, particle and fluid systems
-              I've created several types of physics simulations in the past , Maya old cloth , nCloth  ,marvelous designer cloth , simple passive/active rigid bodies and understand the use cache files .I have done a few things with Maya fluids and know the basic workings of voxels.

•             Ability to wrangle heavy particle effects
-              Sure if that’s what’s needed.

?             Familiarity of Krakatoa or similar software is an asset
-              Sorry I'm not familiar with this software.

•             Efficiently handle technical setups to handle large volume of 3D characters in scenes.
-              I'm well versed Maya project setup and asset directories .Along with scene referencing and image output.

?             Familiarity of Golaem crowd software is an asset.
-              Sorry I'm not familiar with this software. I have used character studio in the past .Which has a      crowd system.

•             Excellent compositing skillset.
-              Have done some compositing to various degrees using render layers and bring elements together using after effects or combustion.

•             Strong lighting skillset
-              I'm versed in lighting setups,3 point lighting ,portrait lighting ,set lighting .Along with the technical aspects such a photons ,quadratic falloff , ibl ,global illumination ,final gathering etc.

•             Strong character animation skillset:
-              I consider this an artistic endeavor where there will always be room to grow .I continue to work
               at this .

•             Posing, timing, storytelling
-              I know and have used the 12 principles of animation , and know the importance of good story      telling and creating an emotional connection with your viewers.

•             Ability to maintain a set animation style/emotion
-              I'm very aware of the difference between a mocap and keyframed animation .Also that                sometimes there are time constraints.

•             Ability to create storyboards and animatics
-              I've created storyboards and animatics in the past .Both in hand drawn form and using flash.

•             Lead evolution of 3D pipeline
-              I'm always looking to streamline and speedup the 3d process .The faster you can execute                idea the more time you'll have refine it .Real time lighting would be a good example.

•             Expertise/knowledge of various render tools
-              Have used Mayas’ native renderer   , mental ray , keyshot  , unity and marmoset .I've also setup and used render farm management tools.

•             Ability to quickly troubleshoot and solve various pipeline issues
-              Having managed problems ranging from character rig to render file errors. I’m confident in my ability to problem solve if required .

•             Strong skillset in general scripting for overall pipeline efficiency
-              Although coding is not my strongest skillset .I understand the basics of mel scripting along with its value for automating tasks .I’m also looking into taking some python scripting courses through edX and coursera .

•             Prepare submit and QC check render jobs
-              I’ve used various network render managers in the past , along with even writing simple .bat        files and mapping drive paths .

•             Work collaboratively to ensure the consistency of work meets the standards of our on-going productions
-              I’m always open to feed back and will go the extra mile to make sure I produce quality work.

•             Adjust or refine work as per team leads
-              Critic and revisions are part of the job .I always try to stay humble and objective.

•             Ability to estimate time required to complete job and to deliver work in a timely manner as laid out in work back schedules
-              Having worked in 3d for many years and having done many tasks. I can give an accurate estimate of the time required .And if it’s something I don’t know I’ll also be honest and tell you that also.

•             Work independently as required
-              To be honest I like to be given a task and a timeline and be told "have at err" .I do some of my best work this way.

•             Various other duties as needed
 -              I'm always willing to do what is needed to get the job done.

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